Lead Free Combi Boilers – Lead Free Appliances For Your Home

Lead is one of the hazardous chemicals found in Combi boilers. These appliances use a carbon block system that was proven to be safe but has become the subject of controversy due to the amount of lead in the pipes and the use of non-combustible gas.

There have been many reports from health professionals in the United States and other countries that the lead found in Combi boilers is a serious health hazard. People are not able to drink or cook with this type of boiler, which leaves them with only two options – they either buy a new unit or move on to something more modern. The leading UK manufacturer of Combi boiler deals has taken the lead out of their product by changing the design to a ceramic block material that does not have any lead.

The leading manufacturer, Westinghouse, has worked hard to make sure their product is safe and that no additional lead has been added to it. The ceramic blocks are made of a very durable material that is extremely safe and do not contain any lead in the traditional way. When people see that the product is safe and will not cause harm, they are more than willing to use the appliance again.

With the new ceramic Combi block design, the old ceramic plate on the inside of the appliance has been replaced by the new, more modern design. This ensures that no extra lead can get into the pipe and no more health risks will be present when using the appliance. There will be no additional health risks when the plates are replaced and the appliance will be safe for years of use.

There are now leading UK manufacturers of Combi boilers that will be able to offer their customers peace of mind. If you want to be sure that your appliance is safe to use, then it is highly recommended that you choose one from one of the leading companies, so you can guarantee that there are no health risks when using the Combi boiler.

You will find that there are many options on the market for Combi boilers, which means that you can be assured that you are purchasing a safe appliance that will work for you. It is easy to choose from a number of different brands, including brands that offer warranty protection to ensure that you receive a replacement if anything goes wrong with your appliance.